The Small Manufacturer’s Toolkit

Lean, Six Sigma, Sales & Operations Planning, Theory of
Constraints, ISO 9000, and more. There are many
management systems and techniques being promoted today.
It is time consuming and expensive to learn all you need to
know about them so that you can make an informed decision
about which ones might be the best for you to implement.
This book describes the fundamental principals behind the
systems and provides you with a diagnostic tool that will help
you decide which ones are best for you. All the information
you will need to prevent costly, and possibly devastating,
mistakes by trying to implement a system that is not
appropriate for your unique situation, all in one easy to read
reference guide. This book is written in an easy to read and
comprehend conversational style not normally found in books
of this type. Examples are provided that will help you
understand the concepts behind each topic that is presented.

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